Rid yourself of unwanted hair, sun spots, acne and broken capillaries. Using a spectrum of light energy and cutting edge technology, our INTENSE PULSE LIGHT treatments can safely and effectively treat sunspots (pigmentation) acne and capillaries as well as permanently reducing hair on the face and body.

We want for you to be able to make informed decisions, with truthful information. We are committed to providing you with the facts about IPL and whether it will be suitable for you!
We are achieving amazing results and want to provide you with the same opportunity to try and experience the results for yourself.

5 Great Reasons to see us about IPL

  1. Save Time and Money
    Make Waxing, Tweezing and Shaving a thing of the past by permanently getting rid of any unsightly, unwanted hair with no downtime. IPL Hair Removal costs less than continual waxing, electrolysis and other hair removal methods. Our technology gets Instant Results so you are virtually Hair Free from day one.
  2. Always Look your Best
    Get rid of Ingrown Hairs and Shaving rashes with our IPL treatments and get the Smooth, Hair-less, Sexy Looking Skin you have always wanted.
  3. Look years Younger without Surgery
    Turn back the clock and have Glowing skin with our Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening Treatments. Banish Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Red Veins, Ageing Skin, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries, Acne Scaring, Open Pores and Enjoy Firm, Radiant and Youthful Skin.
  4. Treat all Skin Types
    The practical application of our technology is that all skin types can be treated. Ambiance has acquired the latest IPL technology to treat even the darkest skin types with Superior results (not suitable for Fitzpatrick Type 5).
  5. Experienced and Qualified Staff
    Certified operators, trained and examined under strict conditions.
    A safe haven for men and women of all ages.

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