Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Launceston's ONLY real Spa Pedicure Station. Room for two (we have two luxury pedicure chairs) - grab a friend. All feet are born beautiful, then life takes it's toll as our feet carry our weight, lead us forward, yet are taken for granted.

Experience our Day Spa Pedicure Treatment
Sit back and relax as your feet are given the pampering they truly deserve.

  • Real Spa jets
  • Heated Massage Chair
  • Room for two-grab a friend!
  • Salt scrub exfoliation
  • Glorious Massage
  • Polish from our wide range of colours (add a French Polish for extra $5)
  • Coffee, Herbal Tea, juice as a refreshment

1 hour just $65
(You may want to allow an extra 15 minutes so you can sit and allow the polish to dry-it's also a good idea to bring open toe shoes or thongs. We use OPI nail colours for a long-lasting finish)

Treat your feet and experience the difference. Not all pedicures are equal...
"It will make any other pedicure feel like you've got your feet in a bucket!"

Pedicure Hygeine

At Ambiance Skin and Body Centre we love our pedicures. Our clients love our pedicures. Why?

One thing we take very seriously is pedicure hygiene. Whirlpool spas can be a breeding ground for bacteria and spores from foot infections can be very hard to kill. Fungal disorders of the feet are very easily transferred. The good news is that with the right cleaning procedures we can ensure that you only go home with beautiful feet, no nasty extras.

We guarantee your spa has been cleaned and disinfected after every client, not just at the end of a day.

Our staff are carefully trained to ensure the correct cleaning method is used for our chairs, pedicure tools and equipment every time they are used.

We use the right disinfectants on our equipment including SPA GIENE, an Australian cleaner made specifically for cleaning spas and a regular enzyme soak to prevent biofilm buildup.

We provide clean, fresh towels for every client. All our staff are fully qualified senior therapists.

We only ever use disposable foot files on your feet, never blades. Blades are not safe and very unhygienic. Calluses should only be treated by a licensed/certified podiatrist, we will only use a foot file or other device that does not run the risk of cutting healthy skin

Our therapists are trained to identify foot problems and will refuse clients that have infectious foot conditions

We use OPI nail polishes. OPI has a reputation of being the best nail product around. The colour lasts and lasts, so much so that we often see the same polish on a clients toes the next time they have a pedi!

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Pedicures Menu
Express Pedicure - 30 mins $40.0
For those in a hurry, we address the basics, file, buff nails and finish with polish.
Pedicure - 60 mins $65.0
Indulge your feet. Real spa jets in our luxury spa massage chair, exfoliation, buffing, shape, foot massage & polish. Room for two - grab a friend!