Every one feels healthier with a tan. Enjoy an instant tan without the danger of UV exposure. We guarantee our tan will not streak and will not turn orange.

We have two shades for you to choose from. Light and Medium.

DHA is the ingredient in all spray tans or rub on tans. It is the ingredient that makes you brown If you choose a tan that is too dark for your natural colouring, you will run the risk of looking orange. We will look at your natural skin tone and recommend the appropriate colour for you.

Our choose of tan is VU2hour. After your tan has been on for 2 hours, you will be able to shower and enjoy your developed tan.

Our Tips for a great looking Tan

  • Plan ahead. Which day do you want to look most gorgeous? Book your spray tan for the day or two before this.
  • Always make sure your skin is exfoliated. If you haven't exfoliated your body for a while, do it every couple of days in the lead up to your spray tan. Concentrate on areas such as knees, feet, elbows and ankles. 
  • Do all your waxing or shaving the day before your spray tan. Don't shave or wax the day of your appointment.
  • If possible, have a shower before your spray tan appointment. You need to remove moisturizer, deodorant, sweat and perfume.
  • Wear loose, darker clothing to your appointment. Don't wear anything you don't want fake tan ending up on.
  • Don't be shy. We've have seen it all. Our staff are very professional and will ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Wear your own underwear or use our disposable g-strings.

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Spray on Tan Menu
Full Body $35.0
Maintenance $25.0
Within 21 days from original.
½ Body $25.0