Your eyes say it all!
Brow sculpting offered by our expert therapists can carefully shape and define the eyebrows to give the face an instant lift and a polished appearance. Brow tinting, which can cover grey hairs or enhance one's natural look, is available in various shades from the lightest blonde to very black. Why not try Lash tinting, ideal for those whose eyelashes are light in colour, or don't want to wear mascara, that gives definition and colour to frame your eyes.

Why not try Henna Brows?

A well-shaped set of eyebrows properly coloured can completely change your look.  Have you over tweezed, have fine, thin brows?  Tired of penciling in the gaps or tint just doesn’t last on you?  You need Henna Brows!!  Henna is amazing and we just love it! It comes in three shades and can be mixed to customise the colour for you.  The stain on the skin can last up to 15 days . The henna stain on the hair, after a few monthly applications, will remain in the hair till your next appointment, so it is amazing on white, resistant and grey hair.
Henna creates a natural look  and a skin stain which fills in any gaps behind the brow creating a powdery make up finish.  Try it the next time you need your brows tinted. Only available at Ambiance

Henna tint $14 (no wax or thread)
Henna Brow and wax $28

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Eye Lash Tint $23.0
Eyebrow Tint or Henna Brows $15.0
Lash & Brow Tint $33.0
Lash & Brow Tint & Eyebrow Wax $50.0
Eyebrow Tint or Henna Brows & Shape $29.0